Embedded Software Development Services

Embedded Software Development Services

At Knowx, both teams of software and hardware engineers works with a collaborative effort to meet the expectations of the client, which include excellence in product performances, reliableness defined and an opportunity for later customisation. We are recognised embedded software development company in Bangalore.  We express our team as the multi-disciplinary and many skilled persons. Embedded software engineer provide services for total and satisfactory functioning of the product with better software.

Our innovative approach and furthering to development services helps in cost minimisation, bringing compactness in productivity and simplicity in the process, which marks of future centric embedded software, which even solves the business needs of our clients responsibly. Hence, we are reputed company providing embedded software services.

Knowx team develops custom type embedded software for many range of microprocessors, systems-on-chip(SOC), Digital Signal Processors( DSP) and Microcontrollers( MCU). Experience in engineering is vast including ARM 7, 9 and 11. Cortex M3 & A8. Also, Arm processor series, Intel Atom, Power PC, MIPS, Blackfin, AVR, AVR32, TMS320, MSP430. Arm. We work with different software development tools.

The company focuses on the design of embedded software for portable Linux and mobile devices. Our services are enlisted as below.

Embedded Software Development Services

  • Full Board Support Package (BSP)
  • Device Drivers.
    • USB Host & Slave, SD/MMC, CD
    • WiFi, 3G
    • Sound, Lcd, Keypad, Touch Screen (Resistive and Capacitive)
    • I2C, I2S, SPDIF, UART, Ethernet, SPI
  •  Linux Kernel Development
  • OS, Linux Distributions for Target Platforms
  • Real-time Applications
  • Embedded Application Software
    • Android
    • Qt, Html5, Flash, GTK, Windows
  • Product Development overview
    • Product Concept and Technical Consulting
    • Assessment of Functional and Technical Requirements
    • Elaboration of the technical specification
    • Linux Kernel Development
    • Design and Development
    • Verification and Testing
    • Sample Production
    • Technical Suppor

Separate team for verification and testing helps in delivering for quality process. Rigorous testing is done to ensure that there is long term satisfaction with the software developed.

Technical support is provided on time and we ensure that there is no interruption in attaining your business objectives. We believe that, there is a strong correlation between the software services we provide and progress of business and hence our organisation is recognised as the preeminent embedded software development company in Bangalore. 

Motive of business persons is clearly understood and provided services with our effective project planning with best regard to time. We plan, develop and execute on time hence your aim of bringing the change with better embedded software can be expected. We look further in having a discussion with you.

Embeded products can make business more smarter and easy to manage, with smart embeded devices you can compeletly reley on every business process. Software is the soul of any computing devices, we make it compex from inside simple from outside. Reach to new hights, unlock your full potential with modern embeded devices and our Embedded Software Development Services.

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