Hardware and PCB Designing Services

Hardware and PCB Designing Services

Our team’s skill can be transformed to your business success. Our specialised skills in handling hardware and PCB design services can bring greater advantage. We are recognised as the eminent company in embedded hardware and PCB design services in Bangalore.

There is enhanced functionality in the product and thus the need for marketplace introduction can be expected at the right time. Accurate printed electronic circuit boards are developed with smart layout of design.We work with effective proper time management hence product with better performance makes to better business processes even. Expert PCB design process step by step developed has brought effective performance. Knowx team are working in uninterrupted pace over many years and still continuing with innovativeness, dedication and always keen to make an engineering process efficient.

Our in-depth expertise in various hardware architectures and interfaces are enlisted below -


ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, TI-DSPs, Intel CPU & Chipsets, 8/16/32-bit µC, Cortex M series.

Bus Handling

ISA, PC 104, VME, PCI, PCI-X, cPCI, PMC, PCI Express

Peripheral Interface

Ethernet, USB 2.0, I2C, SPI


802.11, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPRS, IOT protocols.

Cost effective solution provided for developing embedded hardware to many clients across the globe. Our services are agreed and well accepted by many company teams. We handle complete designing of hardware; software related to embedded systems and performs finally for the validation and verification. Finest product design software with development makes use of for excellent results.

We provide solution for reliable embedded hardware for your products. Our hardware design and development service constitutes the following.

KNOWX embedded hardware development services

Offers a range of embedded hardware development services including:

  • Hardware design (Schematic capture to Proto build)
  • Hardware design with kernels under various operating systems (Win CE, Embedded Linux, etc.
  • Board design & Device driver development

Our company design experts focus on designing of embedded software for Linux- based portable and mobile devices. Embedded software services include the following.

  • Embedded Software
  • Full Board Support Package (BSP)
  • Device Drivers
  • Linux Kernel Development
  • OS, Linux Distributions for Target Platforms
  • Real-time Applications
  • Embedded Application Software

 Product Development Overview

  • Product Concept and Technical Consulting
  • Assessment of Functional and Technical Requirements
  • Technical specification
  • Linux Kernel Development
  • Design and Development
  • Verification and Testing
  • Sample Production
  • Technical Support

 Our team of engineers is experienced in

  • RTL, Hardware Verification Languages: System Verilog, Verilog, VHDL,  C, C#, System C
  • Scripting Languages: TCL, Perl, C Shell
  • Synthesis and Simulation Tools: Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Xilinx, Altera
  • CAD tools: Altium designer, Mentor PADS, Cadence Orcad/ Allegro
  • FPGA family : Altera, Xilinx, Lattice, Actel
  • FPGA Tools : Xilinx ISE, Altera Quartus II, Mentor Graphics, Libero IDE, Actel Desktop, Active HDL, FPGA Advantage

 We are keen to discuss with you an entire hardware design process for your informed decision. Look forward to have a consultation with us hence we as a team improve your business with better products, timely support and services.

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