Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things is becoming a trend setting facility with different convenient and agreeable features. Users are becoming keen enough to know what is Internet of things. Knowx Innovations team has made it possible and success has exclusively relied on us. Automation intelligence can be accepted as the new challenge, when chosen on the line of sensors and processing of cloud data. Unique kind of identifiers without anyone’s presence or intervention, can be considered for transfer of data effectively. Connectivity from host of sensors and machines (Machine to Machine), a new age possibility is defined, which include for an instance, monitoring of patient at a remote location, has exceptionally helped many doctors in making the best decision on time. Tracking of assets with centralised operation, as part of smart home and hence secured living can be expected. Internet of Things examples can be known with smart homes, hospitals and health care centres, technologically ameliorated offices, institutes and learning centres, restaurants and much more, which are in the list of smart IoT projects.

Fundamentally, what is IoT can be known with communication, which can be simplified in different industries,  including power, industries relating to gas, various utility and management industries. In the near future, there will be many number of clients choosing IoT facility. Knowx facilitates in experiencing uninterrupted and flexible Internet of Things in various applications to industry persons, who are working as developers and it is available in kit form. This can be represented as the cloud-ready platform on TI’s [powerful Sitara AM437 processor]. This has an enabling with the newest integrated Internet of Things services, especially from an eminent organisation like Amazon, which is, AWS lot SDK.

Knowx Internet of things development services

End to end solutions provided, which comprises  of development of software, hardware and firmware, applications of mobile and system architecture. Complete  solution provided, professionally to simplify and bring better communication and enhanced workplace therein. Different microcontrollers are tested and worked for the finest output level. RTOS, applications on cloud and its performances and relating to mobile are expertly performed.

Cloud based development and applications of mobile development with iOS/ Android can be expected. Getting your IoT connected products and related services to quick paced marketing can be professionally assisted with. Hence, ultimately, your company can get recognition as the “ Best IoT enabled company” or “IoT compliant company”.

With more than a decade experience and we are being an adept in designing various embedded products and sensors established for accession of data. We can be identified as the partner in trust, who helps proactively in design and device implementation and hence affecting to the successful realisation of the notion it. A different system with micro controllers and a firmware can be analysed and our expertise can be appropriately comprehended therein.

Our expertise can be recognised in systems, where microcontrollers are associated and firmware worked along. Professional services from our team helps in delivering the IoT solution to the market in a quick and efficient pace.

Making of IoT Enabled Company

Knowx Innovation team has come up with wing of services, that is facilitating for IoT setup in an organisation, as part of technical infrastructure. Following are the technical arrangements included. Knowx’s IOT kit has become an ideal solution for developers, who are considering deployment  of applications of industries, which actually connects to AWS services and the conveniences included to easily process, scrutinise and perform function in different volumes of data, which are intelligently generated by different devices in connection.

  • IoT Sensor nodes as part of system organisation, can be based on processors like Intel Quark, ARM,MSP 430 from a reputed company Texas Instruments, Arduino etc.
  • There are various communication technologies like M2M: ZigBee, RFID, 6-Flow PAN, BLE and NFC respectively.
  • IoT gateways design is based on processors like Intel Edison, Quark processors and TI Tiva Platform and corresponding communication technology includes Wifi, LTE and Wimax representing cloud connectivity.
  • During development of applications, for configuration of gateway and its control with web application can be expected.
  • There are various applications like Linux/ Android/ IOS, which can be considered along.
  • Developing a protocol covering communication and even security can be expected. IoT data can be worked for proper encryption/ decryption as security over communication.
  • There are different protocols considered as part of IoT, which include Message Query Telemetry Transport, which can be abbreviated as MQTT. Likewise, there are Constrained Application Protocol( CoAP), Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol(XMPP) and also Data Distribution Service Protocol( DDS).
  • We work for an IoT ready platform, which include kit, wherein AM437x processors are based with.
  • Development of Middleware comprises of handling protocol, command handling, aggregation of data, arrangement to cloud and lastly and importantly Sensor in integration and Crypto Library.

Our Affirmation

We affirm the following for finest experience.

  • Everything of device are designed so as to bring IoT environment
  • These designs are meant for meeting needs of the customers
  • Bring about enhanced productivity and minimise the cost
  • Reliability ensured and preserved download