KNOWX Staff Augmentation Solutions

KNOWX Staff Augmentation Solutions

Over more than a decade of providing prominent HR solutions, we have brought forward an effective strategy to ease the process and also facilitate in early recruitment in the company. Staff augmentation solutions from our team have been broadly accepted by many companies. Knowx teams are vigorously occupied in managing extensive database and involves in shortlisting and furthering to interview process. Many of the candidates, we have shortlisted have fared well in interviews and working in many pre-eminent organisations. We provide training in embedded systems and placed many candidates, hence known as the eminent job consultancy in Bangalore.

As part of staff augmentation, requirements are temporary and we are keen to provide unmatched and unparalleled human resource solution to meet your requirements and help in your business progress. Dynamic requirements of people, for a particular period of time will be worked out. We work with different models, whether for the temporary or permanent staffing. There is flexibility in our work process hence; we have answers to every hiring need. We follow with best human resource management practice.

In staff augmentation process, we utilise an outsourcing strategy, which meet objectives and hence vision of the company, can be realised with the progress of time. Our methodology of recruitment helps in effective hiring. Many qualified applicants are keen to participate in discussion for a single position. Our staff augmentation services matches to better HR standards.

There is clear chain link in staff augmentation business plan we develop. With an abundance of resources in IT companies, working and process of bringing a solution by manpowers, becomes a demand. Hiring process need to be effective, whether, it is contractual position or permanent position requirement.

With an expert knowledge in IT industry, our team helps in placing the candidates in local job market whether requirement is for an short term or long term. We follow different line of action for different requirements hence specialisation can be identified therein.

Multitudinous resume screening becomes an arduous task and needs to be worked with expert skills. Henceforth, to minimise the time and arrange for an interview, at an earliest possible time, becomes a desideratum. We submit the resume, which appropriately matches your company requirement or the job description provided hence helping you to build better solution with better talents hired.

Thorough pre-screening saves your time and final level shortlisting of candidates can be handled effectively. Training cost will also be considered at the pre-screening level. Our delivery program include appropriate time and organisation hence interview process at your end can be initiated at earliest possible.

Joining formalities and mode of payment will be discussed well in advance hence to avoid any confusion at the interview process.

Knowx - Advantage

There are many advantages when considering Staff Augmentation from Knowx

  • Large pool of candidates with technical competency can be known
  • Transparent approach
  • Training resource cost can be saved relating to particular technology
  • Higher productivity can be expected
  • Any technology goals in lesser duration can be achieved
  • Quicker project turnaround
  • Flexibility to increase staff numbers without incurring payroll expenses

We have managed to bring better HR solution with proper scrutinising of skillsets and ensuring ourselves that each candidate becomes an asset to your organisation. Have a discussion with our team to know how you can bring a positive change with best talents hired download