Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation from Knowx Innovations has brought newer ways to convenience at home or offices. Our home automation products can be considered for efficiency, security and even unimaginable savings in terms of power, space and cost. You can switch on and turn your iOS smartphones or laptops into a remote controller and enjoy operating at your own fingertips for a centralised home automation.

home automation products

Audio system brings an opportunity to listen to your favourite music at many rooms or zones as one prefers. You can expect to stream music from your smartphone or devices at home with utmost convenience. Wireless home automation creates the convenience.

Smart switch panel from Knowx is an electronic control panel, which controls user to control lights, appliances, appliances, covers curtains or even arranges lighting. Touch panel can be effectively managed at remote location from your handheld smart phone or tablet.

Automatic closure of curtains and lights dimming can be expected. Turning of music can be arranged. Turning of music can be distantly operated and temperature can be set easily. Lighting automation has been well accepted. Following are the changes we bring at your space.

  • Control your home environment
  • Home security management
  • Efficient energy
  • Safety
  • Create comfort and lifestyle

Features of Knowx home automation solutions

  • Security & safety
  • Lighting control (indoor/outdoor)
  • Climate control
  • Home networking
  • Audio, video and home theatre systems
  • Blinds, gates and garden water sprinklers

Total Convenience

Conveniently programmed all the functions to do the routine work which constitutes turning off of all the lights, temperature setting, alarm and security for the house and even planting the water can be made with automated turning of valves. You can arrange for home theatres by dimming of lights, curtain closures, switching on TV and DVD player all in touch of a button.

Absolute Convenience

When you are away from home, you can expect absolute security. There is alert feature through your phone in case of intrusion, fire, leakage in gas etc.

Unimaginable Power Savings

Automatically regulate the light operation, heating of water, HVAC system, components, appliances and systems meant for irrigation. These systems can be switched on only when needed.

Home Automation Internal Devices

Internal devices, which include lighting, security, room temperature and entertainment, can be effectively programmed.

Every electrical appliance at your home can be controlled with your iPhone. Home environment in the world, you can control your home environment. We have managed for best home automation systems Bangalore.

Contact us for a free demonstration

Make an appointment with us to discuss all your needs. As per your lifestyle and budget, we design the whole system. Installation can be made effectively and mode of operation can be taught. We care for your utmost convenience and there will be regular communication for your pleasant home automation experience.

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