KNOWX-DATALOGGER-1 Wi-Fi IoT with Temperature and Humidity Sensors

KNOWX-DATALOGGER-1 Wi-Fi IoT with Temperature and Humidity Sensors


KNOWX-DATALOGGER-1 Wi-Fi IoT with Temperature and Humidity Sensors very versatile product designed for industrial applications that can be easily integrated into existing networks.
DATALOGGER-1 feature an internal sensor for collecting and logging environment data that can transmitted wirelessly to server or cloud applications using the MQTT protocol or RESTful web services. This can also be combined with other sensing solutions and the data can be transmitted via Wi-Fi network infrastructure to enable simple and cost-effective data monitoring solutions. With this technology, users can view, manage and monitor data from DATALOGERWi-Fi –IOT temperature/humidity logger in real-time. It allows for offline logging and online synchronization to ensure data safety and accuracy. They can access
up-to-date data via a smart phone app or browser

DATALOGER-Wi-Fi –IOT temperature/humidity data logger cab used in pharmaceutical, cold storage, cold cabinet, medical cabinet, cold food storage,fresh food storage, laboratory, Industrial applications and we can customize as per the requirement.
IOT DATALOGGER-Cloud Storage Data logger can push the data to file-based cloud services like Dropbox using pre-configured criteria. With RESTful API, the data can also been pushed to a private cloud server in the format of JSON. Users can setup their private cloud server using the provided RESTful API and their own platform.

This product is designed to meet all the current technological trends and supports all pervasive technologies like IOT platform,IOT analytics,IOT data logging applications,internet of things platform.This also supports MODBUS industrial applications.Internet of things /wifi based data loggers. Supports all IOT protocols Wifi

IoT Wireless I/O Solutions
Providing IoT Wireless Smart Devices. WiFi,3G/4g,Modbus, Internet of things. According to a report about Internet of thinks( IOT) trends, there will be 50 billion by 2020. Devices can be connected with various interfaces, however the most popular is likely to be wireless because of it reduced number of cables and speed of installation. As mobile devices are widely used to access cloud services via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, LTE, etc., wireless solutions have become one of the most common ways to provide IoT services. Knowx Innovations provides design solutions and products in various IOT platforms and framework.

Application areas.:

  • Chemical / Pharmaceutical Temperature Humidity, Light
  • Intelligent Agriculture PH value Illuminance, Electrical conductivity
  • Railway Transportation, Door sratus Illuminance, Rail track intrusion
  • Chemical / Pipeline Monitoring
  • Warehouse Monitoring
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Refrigerator and HVAC
  • Data Center Environment.
  • Clean Rooms / Product Lines.



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